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This video should spark a global rage among Muslims. I wonder why Malaysian reporters don’t report this.Kita masih lagi segar dengan filem FITNA, kali ini Belanda sekali lagi mencetuskan kontroversi apabila ahli politiknya, Ehsan Jamil  mengeluarkan filem kontroversi selepasnya yang berjudul “An interview with Muhammad”

166701512Now it’s Ehsan Jami’s turn. After Fitna, from right-wing Dutch politician Geert Wilders, and Submission, by former Dutch-Somali MP Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Theo van Gogh, now the young Iranian-born Dutchman Ehsan Jami has made a film about Islam.

‘An Interview with Muhammad’ is less confrontational than its predecessors. The 15-minute film shows Mr Jami interviewing the prophet Muhammad, played by an actor wearing a Bedouin headdress, his face covered by a paper mask.

Modern prophet
The two discuss various aspects of Muhammad’s life. By way of a relaxed, contemporary news interview, the film creates a more modern, free-thinking version of the Muslim prophet.
Ehsan Jami says he made the film to spark a debate within Islam itself.

“Muslims should interpret the deeds of Muhammad differently, that’s what I hope, that’s what I try to do. The realisation has to come with their conscience, with a reformation.”

A call for Islamic reformation. But is Mr Jami a credible figure to be making such a call? He made a name for himself a year ago when he presented his Committee for Ex-Muslims. At that time, he harshly criticized his former religion, going so far as to compare Muhammad with Hitler.
In the meantime, he has changed course.

An Interview with Muhammad is much more moderate than the statements Ehsan Jami made last year. And a far cry from Submission, Fitna, or the cartoon film about the prophet, Jami originally planned to make.
Mr Jami now says he doesn’t just want to name the problem. He wants to offer a solution. But why should Muslims listen to an avowed apostate?

“Why not? Because there’s no one else who’s doing it. I’m the only one, there are a few of us actually doing anything. I’m hoping more Muslims in Holland, native or not, stand up and fight for it, and fight for what we really believe in, for our civilisation, our culture, our human rights.”

The film was launched the day before the world commemorates 60 years since the signing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This hammers home Jami’s message to Muslims: humanism comes before religion.

The question remains how many Muslims will heed his call?

The film may be milder than Fitna, but it is still controversial. Most Muslims believe images of Muhammad should not be shown. And the film covers many topics that are taboo in Islam.

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2 thoughts on “Sort of dumb

  1. Firman Allah: “Sekali-kali tidak akan redha orang-orang Yahudi dan Nasrani sehingga engkau mengikut cara hidup mereka.” (Al Baqarah: 120)

    berdoalah semoga mereka beroleh hidayah.. Sesungguhnya mereka adalah kaum yang tidak mengetahui..

  2. Saya berharap sedikit sebanyak pindaan AUKU yang dibuat baru-baru ini dapat digunakan dengan sebaik-baiknya meskipun kita terus menentang AUKU.

    Keazaman dan tekad kita adalah AUKU dihapuskan dan dapat digantikan dengan satu akta yang melayan mahasiswa dengan sebaiknya.

    Moga terus berjuang.

    Mior Isfandy Mior Azizan
    013 697 3646

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