Poor Sharlinie


                                                                     Sharlinie bald?


                                                               Sharlinie wear tudung?

Assalamualaikum wbt

21 days….

The latest kidnapping case happens in Malaysia. Everyone knows. Children are not safe when they are outside of their house? should we just have to lock them in the house?

see. Even the children at their home, we could not consider they are already safe enough from dangerous.  Sumbang mahram, can possibly take part.

 somehow, we have to look inside this case seriously.  It is not enough doing advertising the picture of the poor child every nook and cranny.  Is it another Nurin Jazlin after this? Nauzubillah. Let us pray for the sake of Sharlinie. InsyaALLAH, the truth will reveiled.

Here i put some pictures that have been taken from UZAR site.


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